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ESMI Training Program

The Training Program is open to those who feel God’s call on
their lives to serve Him by building the Kingdom of God.  
Singles and families are encouraged to apply.  Requirements
include a high school diploma or equivalent and being at least
18 years of age.  Successful completion of the Training
Program is a prerequisite for joining as a full-time missionary
or staff member.

The Training Program is a course that develops and equips people for
active, effective service for the Lord.  The program focuses on these seven
  • a Christ-like character
  • a strong work ethic
  • a deep, personal walk with the Lord
  • a heart and a boldness for evangelism
  • learning to be effective in ministry
  • practical application of missionary life
  • effective church planting to unreached peoples

Curriculum Overview
  • Evangelism
  • Oral Communication
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • World Religions
  • Worship
  • Support Raising
  • Two Years On-the-field Internship
(After completion of one year of school)
  • History of Missions
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Character Traits of a Missionary
  • Leadership and Time Management
  • Writing Effective Newsletters
  • Tent-making skills
  • TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Plus times of fellowship, worship and outreaches

Upon successful completion of all coursework, students will receive a
diploma from the International School of Ministry.  We also offer an
Associate's Bible Degree from Christian Leadership University.  You also
have the possibility of becoming a licensed minister and working toward

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Attend?
Applicants must have a desire to serve Christ through missions.  You must
be over the age of 17 with a high school diploma or equivalent.  All
participants should be willing to commit to a three-year program: one year
of schooling and two years of field service.  A completed application, $50
US non-refundable application fee, and references are required for
participation in the training program.

How Will I Be Trained?
Language is the key to being able to minister in a Spanish culture, so we
spend the first three months in immersion language training. The balance of
the year is classroom training, seminars and practical hands-on experience.
ESMI staff leaders will provide information on the ministries in Mexico and
other parts of the world.

What are the goals of the ESMI Training Program?
The focus is on the development of
  • a Christ-like character
  • a strong work ethic
  • a deeper personal walk with the Lord
  • a heart and boldness for evangelism
  • skills for effective ministry
  • tent-making skills

Where Will I Serve?
We have ministry partners in Mexico, Spain, South America, North Africa,
China, and the
U.S.A.  We will make every effort to place you in a ministry
that meets your God-given gifts and calling.

What Will I Be Doing?
Being a successful full-time missionary or someone who is interested in
short-term mission trips takes willing hands and a loving heart.  You may be
called on to do anything from leading activities at a ministry site, leading a
small group within the team, cooking dinner, teaching skits, packing ministry
equipment, or making beds in preparation for a team’s arrival. You may
have the opportunity to play a sport or participate in music or drama.
However, your “job” as a missionary will be service ministry, and that role will
take precedence.  Be prepared for long days and hard work, and the
rewards of your service will be “out of this world”!  As you learn from first-
hand experience, you will be given more responsibilities.  You will see that
every day is different and the experience will be invaluable!  The most
important thing is that you are anxious to serve wherever you are needed.

Do We Function In Teams?
ESMI functions in teams in all aspects of ministry and leadership.  We
believe that a combination of complementary gifts, callings, perspectives,
ministries and generations working together in unity at all levels of our
mission provides wisdom and safety.  Seeking God's will and making
decisions in a team context allows accountability and contributes to greater
relationship, motivation, responsibility and ownership of the vision.

Where Will I Be Staying?
During your time of pastoral/mission training, singles will be sharing rooms
at The Lighthouse facility in San Ignacio, Baja CA Sur, Mexico.  Married
housing will be arranged as needed.

When Will I Go?
The program is approximately a three-year commitment.  The next training
begins on September 8, 2008, in San Ignacio.  Immersion language training
will end on the 13th of December.  You will have a short Christmas break
and return by January 10.  The new semester starts January 12.  
Graduation will be on August 22, 2008. There could be a two- week break
before you start your second phase of internship.  Please make plans

What About Money?
The Training Program consists of twelve months of training with a total
tuition of $7200.00.  During your training sessions, this will include housing,
3 meals a day, and outreach expenses and transportation.  The following
costs are NOT included:  the enrollment processing fee of $150.00 per
student; personal insurance; personal expenses; Visa charges and required
reading material before you arrive in Mexico.  For all students arriving on
September 8, we will meet you at the airport in Loreto and provide
transportation to San Ignacio, Baja CA Sur.  If you arrive on any other date,
you will be responsible for travel to and from The Lighthouse in San
Ignacio.  For your convenience, you may pay your tuition monthly at
$600.00 per month. The first two months tuition plus the enrollment
processing fee will be due upon acceptance of your application and review
of references.

Note: We recommend that each person planning to go into full-time
missions raise about $950 of total monthly support for things like travel,
insurance, and living expenses.  Most students end up going directly to the
mission field after the missionary training school is over, and it is good to
have that support base in place.

How Do I Apply?
Application Process:
1) Fill out the Training Program Application before June 1, 2008.  Sending
in the application does not commit you to attending the school.  
2) Have your pastor and one other spiritual leader fill out the El Sembrador
Ministerios Internacionales Reference Form.
3) Once we have received your application and reference forms, we will
pray and review them and notify you of our decision regarding your
acceptance as one of our Training Program students.
4) We will send an acceptance packet with all kinds of helpful information
including what to bring, travel tips, expectations, etc. The Info. can also be
found on our Training Program Acceptance Page.
5) You can go ahead and book your flight into Loreto, BCS (LTO) or        
San Diego, California (SAN).  Get your flights early!  Submit your Travel
Information form as soon as your plans are set in stone.
6) Send in $1,200 for your first two months of school to our regional office
at:  El Sembrador Ministerios Internacionales PO Box 28111 Santa Ana, CA
92799. Enclose a note saying "Training Program" and your name.
7) Send in your waiver of liability. This form must be filled out completely by
each person or their parents if under 18 years of age.
8) Get ready for a life-changing experience!

What Should I Do About Insurance?
Many younger students are still able to fall under their parents’ insurance
since they are still considered full-time students.  Most of our staff and
students decide to get coverage through Talent Trust Consultants because
they seem to have the best policies and give us a 10% discount, but there
are other carriers as well.  Some missionaries just pay out of pocket as
needs arise, but CTEN highly recommends having at least a catastrophic

Who Is CTEN And What Do They Have To Do With Anything?
Commission to Every Nation is like an umbrella organization that gives us
covering.  We don't have the staff to write receipts for all of our students’
supporters, so they do that for us.  They also come down once a year to do
a pastoral visit and are very helpful with newsletters.  If you would like to
continue receiving all of your finances through CTEN after graduation,
arrangements can be made.

Can I Bring A Vehicle?
Definitely!  All of the vehicles at our facility are for staff and ministry use
only.  You can bring your own vehicle for personal use or use local

What Is The Health Care Situation?
We have a pretty good grasp of the illnesses that "gringos" deal with in
Mexico.  There is a very good clinic in San Ignacio.  In case of emergencies,
there are medical facilities in both Santa Rosalia or Vizcaino, the two
neighboring towns.

That's a Christian Bible school education plus room
and board, with hands-on missionary training for only